Friday, April 17, 2009

The Gliddons in London

In 2000, I published “The Gliddons in London - 1760-1850” The book’s central core is an account written 150 years ago, by Anne Gliddon (1807-1878) about members of her extended family. She called her notebook “A family Record”, and described its contents as being reminiscences and gleanings which she had heard and remembered about her family history.
The Gliddon Family were part of a wider family circle that included the families of Leigh Hunt - the poet and essayist, Samuel Laurence - the artist, Sir John Morphett - the South Australian Pioneer, and George Gliddon - Egyptologist.
During her life time, Anne drew numerous portraits and miniatures of her close relatives. Some of these drawings have been included in the book to supplement Anne’s text.
Anne was an accomplished artist – having been a pupil of the artist Thomas Charles Wageman (1787-1863). He later was to become the Portrait Painter to the King of Holland. Anne’s best known drawing is one of GH Lewes as a young man, before he acquired fame as the partner of George Eliot. This particular drawing is housed in the National Portrait Gallery, London.
In addition to Anne’s written accounts and her drawings I also have included chapters based on my own research into the Gliddon family in London. This research is ongoing – and as additional facts become known it is intended to post them on this blog on a monthly basis.
“The Gliddons in London”, which is 68 pages long. is available for purchase direct from the Author for NZ$29.95 with an additional charge to cover packaging and postage.
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